šŸŒŠAldrin Pools Guide for Admins

1) Visit Aldrin Liquidity Pools page and press the "Create Pool" button.

2) Select the two tokens that you want to have in your liquidity pool from your wallet.

3) Decide if you want to lock your liquidity for a while and if so, how long. Pools with the locked liquidity of the founder will be crown-labeled and will cause more trust among users.

Then press "Next"

4) Specify the price of the base token relative to the quote token.

Keep in mind that by listing a price that does not correspond to the market, you open up a lot of opportunities for arbitrage, which will quickly equalize the price and cause your impermanent loss.

5) And specify how many tokens you want to deposit.

We recommend depositing at least $5,000 worth of liquidity, so the maximum pool size will be high enough that the pool will never hit the ceiling.

6) Set up a Farming. You can skip this step, but without farming, APR in your pool will be very low at the start, which will affect the motivation of people to deposit exactly in your pool.

We recommend allocating a significant amount to farming so that your pool attracts enough TVL.

  • Select the token you want to giveaway for farming.

  • Specify the number of tokens you want to giveaway to farming.

On the balance of your wallet must be at least an amount equal to the amount you want to give in farming. It will be transferred to the pool. Keep in mind that it is impossible to withdraw tokens from farming.

  • Specify the farming period. Tokens will be distributed equally among the participants during this period. In the field on the right, you can see how many tokens will be distributed daily.

  • Optional: Setup vesting. With the vesting, only 33% of the daily allocations specified in the field will be distributed daily. The remaining 77% will be distributed at the specified interval from each day. Vesting helps to reduce inflation.

For example: If your daily rewards are 1000 RIN and your vesting period is 7 days, then in the first 7 days of farming participants will receive 333 RIN, and from the 7th day 333 RIN + 767 RIN, and also 767 RIN for the week after the end of farming.

How to estimate how many tokens should I giveaway for farming?

You can approximate your pool's APR with the next formula:

APR=((RewardsUSDValue+(Volumeāˆ—0.02))/(TVLUSDValue/ParticipantsNumber)āˆ—12APR = ((Rewards USD Value + (Volume * 0.02))/(TVL USD Value/Participants Number) āˆ— 12

7) Make sure your settings are correct and confirm the creation of the pool by pressing the "Create Pool" button.

Make sure you have at least 0.5 SOL to proceed with all necessary transactions and approve the transactions in your wallet. Pool creation may take up to 5 minutes.

8) You can find the pool in the "Your Liquidity" tab. You will be able to extend your farming 1 hour before it ends.

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