🛰️How to list a market

Create a new market on CLOB

  1. Open Aldrin DEX, connect your wallet, and click on the header "List Market".

  2. Fill the opened form with your data and submit the form:

Base Token Mint Address: The base token is the token being traded. For example, the base token of a BTC/USDT market is BTC.

Quote Token Mint Address: The quote token is the token used to price trades. For example, the quote token of a BTC/USDT market is USDT.

Minimum Order Size: Smallest allowed order size. For a BTC/USDT market, this would be in units of BTC, a.k.a. the Lot size.

Tick Size: Smallest amount by which prices can move. For a BTC/USDT market, this would be in units of USDT, a.k.a. the price increment.

You can look up token mint addresses on solscan.io.

The Token Address or Mint Address is the contract address of a token i.e. the token identifier. Do not send tokens to this address. You can look for the mint addresses on your wallet or an explorer.

3. After submission you will receive your market id and template of JSON to aldrin-registry.

4. Add your market to Aldrin-registry. Follow the instruction here.

If your mint addresses already exist in tokens.json, you don't need to add information about tokens in your PR. Please update only markets.json

5. When your PR is approved, the market will automatically appear in the list.

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