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Aldrin (RIN) Tokenomics One Pager

The RIN token is primarily a utility token designed to incentivize and facilitate participation in the Aldrin ecosystem. As such, RIN token holders’ tokens accrue participation rights and are involved in the future success of the entire Aldrin ecosystem.

RIN Token Use Cases

Ecosystem Participation

Aldrin is a project that focuses on customer experience. As the ecosystem grows and has an expanded set of products, RIN token holders will be able to participate in the direction of Aldrin future development.


To incentivize growth and participation in the Aldrin ecosystem, RIN token holders will receive a portion of the fees generated by Aldrin, as well as the predetermined staking rewards program.

RIN Product Roadmap & Upcoming Programs

Solana-based Automated Market Maker

Audited; launching in the coming weeks. The DEX plans to charge a transaction fee with a percentage of that fee going towards the liquidity providers and RIN stakers.


RIN stakers will be able to utilize their capital by receiving a derivative of their staked RIN. sRIN utility will increase as it integrates with other protocols.

Trade Farming Program

Rewards program will be provided for trading in the order book DEX. More details to be announced.

Buyback & Burn

Transaction fees from Aldrin CEX will be utilized to buy back and burn RIN tokens from the open market. More details are to be announced as we get closer to the CEX launch.

RIN Token Supply Breakdown

Vested RIN tokens will be released according to a predetermined schedule depending on the token holder. Please see RIN Release Schedule for details.
Total tokens: 50.000.000
  • Investors: 14.40%
  • Team: 20.00%
  • Marketing: 10.00%
  • Community Farming: 18.00%
  • Operational Reserves: 29.60%
  • Liquidity Provision: 8.00%
The language contains in this document describes RIN token high level utility. As the ecosystem matures and more products emerge, the distribution of Community Farming, Operational Reserves, and Liquidity Provision token are subject to change.