🥩How to stake RIN

NOTE: If you are new to Crypto in general and need assistance with setting up your funds on our Dex, we suggest you familiarize with our Step-by Step guide first.

What is Staking?

It is simply the process of securely locking up your selected crypto holding(s) in return for Tokenized rewards. The Token(s) locked are inaccessible for a certain time frame and by the end of this coded contract tenure, you would end up with original funds plus the access compiled amount. A brief example is 100 $RIN locked on Aldrin for 1 year (365 days complete) with a 100% APY would total 200 $RIN in your wallet at the end of the staking term. Depending on the Staking structure, the locking period, release interval, and staking APY (Annual Percentage Yield), staking rewards would vary across different projects and protocols. We may differ from other platforms you have indulged in before. You have the option to restake these extra benefits and prolong the cycle. It is another financial tool to offer incentives by providing users with Tokens. This course helps the Staking Pool engage in better Liquidity which ultimately also remunerates the users.

How to stake RIN?

Access Staking page on https://dex.aldrin.com/staking or click Staking Tab next to the Aldrin logo. You would need to connect your Aldrin Wallet or other Solana wallet Options available. Click on Connect Wallet Tab and choose desired wallet.

You may message us through socials/Feedback if you face any issues linking your wallet. Usually, it’s the case of pop-ups blocked that carry wallet permissions to interact with our Webpage.

Enter the amount of $RIN you would like to offer and click on Stake. The entered amount would show up in your Total Staked. Staking rewards are generated hourly and you shall see this accumulation in the “Rewards Section”. Staking lockup lasts for one hour from the time of deposit. You will not be able to withdraw your $RIN until the lock is lifted. You may click on Unstake all Tab to enable termination. $RIN staking rewards are calculated hourly. These are then accumulated and paid out on the 27th of each month along with AMM fee revenue. You may add these new funds to your wallet by clicking the Claim Tab.

Bonus Tip: You may restake these rewards for even extra gains. Click the restake Tab. Estimated Rewards (APY) Showcased is dynamic and would be changing if you are still early on the Staking Page. Total Staked is still in influx and would slowly settle down more. Once Liquidity Pools are launched, these figures shall be more stabilised. It will never go to ZERO. Happy Staking!

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