Why and how to use Aldrin dTWAP –– Guide for Whales
$100 million? That’s a lot of money! Slippage would happen if a Whale bought $100 million worth of USDC, and it costs a lot of money. So how can Aldrin save the Whales?
That's exactly why dTWAP is built –– a Whale can buy $100 million worth of USDC and set a time to get it. Imagine a trillion microscopic robots working in parallel, stitching together the order bit-by-bit so it can be delivered within, let’s say, 6 hours.
Now there's someone who wants to sell $50 million worth of USDC in 8 hours. The dTWAP divides this order and takes turns while filling both the $100 million buy order and the $50 million sell order in the embedded order matching bot.
Most of us aren't used to see such large orders, but for those who trade at this level, Aldrin is about to bring a lot of excitement to this ocean - because this makes Aldrin the best place for Whales to do their trading. And that’s not all…
With such trading volume, the impact in trading fees will benefit RIN stakers (More volume = more fees going to buy back RIN and distribute) and Liquidity Providers.

How to place dTWAP order?

2) Select tokens to exchange from the list of eligible tokens. Then fill the 3 fields on the right side of UI.
  • From: how many tokens do you want to sell
  • To: this field will show you how much you will receive approximately
  • Order length: the duration of your order
Be aware that your order will be split into many small orders, which will be placed to sell every 15 seconds for the duration of the order you specify. If you specify too short an order duration, the shares will be large enough that no one will be able to execute them.
3) On the right side of the UI you can see 5 parameters:
  • Price Impact: there is always no price impact due to dTWAP nature. WOW!
  • Est. Order Deflation
If no one bought a particle of the order during the allocated 15 seconds - it will be merged with the next one with the price lower by 0.001%.
This is to motivate traders to execute your orders. Don't set the dTWAP order time too short, so that the parts are small enough to be executed in time.
  • Network fee is standard Solana fee for transactions. You need only 1 transaction to place dTWAP order.
  • Est. Canceling fee: A fee of 0.0005% of the order amount is charged if you decide to stop the order. The fee is charged in RIN tokens.
4) Press "Place Time-Weighted Average Order" button and sign transaction in your wallet.
5) You can watch after your position in the "Running Orders" tab.
You can stop the order once 20% of it will be filled.
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